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SOCL 3601

3MajorTheoreticalPerspectivesStructural Functionalismlooks at the structure of society to see how different components are connected and what function does each provide to maintain the society as a wholeConflict TheoryMarx looks at society in terms of conflict and competitiona2 basic pillars Economic determinismthe economic system determines the shape and form of all the other institutions in society believed economy was most importantHistorical materialismevery epoch major historical period can be designated by the dominance of a particular economic system Major historical change comes about when economic system changesSymbolic InteractionismMead human societies are only possible through our ability to use significant symbols that have shared meaning in society primarily languageaBehaviorismlooks at behavior in terms of stimuli and response Pavlovs Dog completely ignored the fact that we can make cognitive decisionsOperant Conditioning Skinners pigeons looks at rewardspunishmentsExchange Rational Choice Theorylooks at behavior in terms of costbenefit analysis and rewardsrisksTakes into account that we have a brain and that there are nonmaterialistic rewardsSocial Learning Theory looks at the different ways we learnRewardspunishmentsVicarious learningwatching other people and seeing how others react to them mimicking them if the reaction is position and continuing if reaction to us is rewardingDramaturgyGoffman describes social life in terms of the stage sees life as a show we present a character when we are around people just like an actor presents their character to an audience Idealizationimpression managementeffort to control information we give to other people so that they see us in a certain wayoWe tend to present an idealized version of ourselvesoTactwe take into account other peoples sensibilities and try to avoid those sensibilities oWe incorporate official values of society into our actWe present ourselves to others through our front
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