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Socl 3601 Test 1

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3601

3 major theoretical perspectives oStructural functionalism looks at different parts of society how they are connected and what function each part provides to maintain society as a whole oConflict theory Karl Marx looks at society in terms of conflict and competition over power and control over resources Karl Marx spokesperson for communism living and writing in 1800sEconomic determinism part of theory economic system most important part and is vital for survival economic system determines shape and form of all other institutions in society Historical materialism part of theory every major time period of history can be designated by dominance of economic system oStructural functionalism and conflict theory are macro level approaches that is they focus on things above and beyond the individual oSymbolic interactionism George H Mead human societies possible through our abilities to create and use significant symbols flags religions language things done by individuals Language allows us to reflect in past and plan for future think abstractly More theoriesoBehaviorism looks at all human behavior in terms of stimuli and response developed out of animal psychology Called behaviorism because we cannot study mental processes but we can study behaviors and make inferences System of rewards and punishmentsStates that we continue to do behaviors we are rewarded for and stop doing behaviors that bring punishments eventually rewarded behaviors become habitBF Skinner operant conditioning Said we learn behaviors based on rewardpunishments Whats wrong Humans have advanced cognitive abilities oExchange theory costbenefit analysis every interaction between people involves some kind of exchangeWe calculate the possible risks involved in behaviors if rewards outweigh risks we are likely to engage in behavior and vice versa Social rewards esteem status prestige and psychological rewards feeling good also costs here tooWhats wrong People value things differentlyoSocial learning theory Albert Bandurast1 internalizing what we are taught by other people nd2 rewardspunishmentsrd3 vicarious learning watching other people and how they react and how other react toward themoDramaturgy Erving Goffman controversial social life explained in terms of stage when we are in presence of other people we present a character and we need them to believe our character If we want to under stand human behavior we need to understand that we are biological beings everything we do is designed to reproduce our genes oSociobiology 1975 Edward O Wilson studied social insects synthesis between social and biology everything can be explained by our need to reproduce Alpha male behavior drives off rivals and gains special access to female For man the more copies of genes reproduced the more dominant their genes For women the best strategy is to find the best genes Women know 100that their genes are being passed into fetus men do not so their best hope is to drive women into monogamous marriage Shortcomings how much time and money spent trying to prevent reproductionHow are humans different biologically
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