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Sociology 3601 Exam 2 Notes

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Sociology 3601 Exam 2 NotesBalance Theory BellDescribes how we strive for balance or consistency in our lives our relationships with other people the various attitudes we have about various things our attitudes and our behavioroTim and John are friends John and Dave are friendsthrough their mutual friendship with John Tim and Dave will become friends balanceSame goes with someone a mutual friend doesnt likeoJohn and Tim are friends John and Jeff are friends but Tim and Jeff just dont get alongsomething has to change hereJohn has to change his relationship with either Jeff or Tim to restore balanceCognitive Dissonancewhen there is a conflict in our cognitive thoughts it creates a disturbance in our thoughts and emotionsoWe try to rationalize our behavior andor thoughtsoWhen our attitudes do not match our behavior we are more likely to change our attitudes than change out behaviorSocial PowerPowerthe ability to get other people to do what you want them to doThree Different Sources of PoweroControl Over Resourcesif I have something you need then I can specify what I want from you in exchangeoControl Over Peopleauthority of the personoUse of ForceAuthority Legitimation of PowerTraditional Authority authority based on the way things have always beenoAlways under question what if the king doesnt have a sonCharismatic Authority authority based on the exceptional personal characteristics of the leaderoWhat happens when the leader diesgoes out of powerRationalLegalAuthority authority set up by formal legal documents and written laws of the societyoLegal code helps the transition between leaders in power election codeExpert Authority based on specialized knowledge or skills that most people dont haveIf someone is exercising power primarily through the use of force then that power prob isnt considered legitimateThe diff types of authority can be combinedEx George W Bush has rational legal authority elected position but must have charismatic authority to get electedMost social movements start off being led by a charismatic leader but what happens when that leader is goneEx Jesus he left behind 12 apostlesother followers who had expert knowledge of his lifeteachings to carry on the movement1Sociology 3601 Exam 2 NotesGoing back to balance theory if the power is equal both ways called symmetrical if unequal then asymmetricalAnywhere there are power differentials we have an asymmetrical relationshipThis is looked at verticallySuperordinateSubordinateCan be seen w Mardi Gras Krewes up on their floats throwing trinkets down to the massesFlow of trinkets is always downPower differentials can be displayed in a number of different waysoIndividuals can exercise power over other individualsoIndividuals can exercise power over a groupoGroups can exercise power over individualsoGroups can have impacts over other groups in societyJohn LockeThe Social ContractIdea that people give up some of their freedoms because they gain benefits from belonging to a groupFundamental basis of our governmentThe Norm of ReciprocityPart of exchange theoryStates that when we get something from someone else it creates and obligation to give something backIf we get benefits from belonging to American society it also entails certain obligations serving in the military voting to take part in the political process be loyal members of societyDependency if youre getting something from someone else and thats the only place you can get itMost of us can never repay our parents for the investments that they make in us financial emotional time etcWhat are we expected to provide in return to our parentsOverall we dont want to look like failures in their eyes or bring shame to themAlso expected to be loyal family membersReciprocityImbalance of PoweroWhen we cannot repay othersCreates dependencyIncreases poweroThe Hacienda SystemLatin America colonial times but still exists some2
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