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SOCL 3601 Test 2

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3601

SOCL 3601 Test 2Power and AuthorityPower ability to get someone else to do whatever you want whether they want to or not Sources use of forcecontrol over resourcescontrol over people For Marx modern capitalist societies were controlled by wealthy bourgeoisie who controlled the means of production factories raw materials equipment technology etc while everyone else the proletariats was the wage laborerAuthority legitimization of power tell others what to do Types Traditional the ways things have been for generations traditional monarchies Charismatic based on incredible personal characteristics Jesus MLK RationalLegalformal legal written laws and documents USA president Expert based on knowledge or skill that most people dont have doctorExchange theory considering any course of action we will weigh the expected benefits and risks Norm of reciprocity part of exchange theory when we get something from someone we feel the need to give something back in return What happens when not satisfiedIt creates an unmet obligation and you cant repay thatDeviance and StigmaDeviance any act that will involve social sanctions which are different ways that societies use to control their members behaviorsTypes of social sanctions informal most effective formal 1Internalization of Norms we try to get people to internalize the norms of societynot always 100 effective2GossipSocial Approbation gossip and then show disapproval of someones behaviordone through shunning3Economic Sanctions includes things such as fines engaging in boycotts licensing and regulatory fees etc4Sanctions laws that spell out in black and white that an act is prohibited and what the punishment would be for engaging in that act
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