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Study Guide--Exam 2

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SOCL 3601
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SOCL 3601 Test Two1Balance Theory consistency in our social relationships attitudes about various things and between our attitudes and our behavioraCognitive dissonance happens when we dont have balance2Power the ability to get someone to do what we want them to do whether they want to do that on their own or notaThree basic sources of poweriControl over resources if I have something that you need then I can specify what I want from you in exchangeiiControl over people there are certain individuals who are given control over other people and can tell those people what to doiiiUse of force there are some people in society that use power to their disposaldont always have to use that force to get what they want3Authority when we grant someone authority we are saying that they have the legitimate right to exercise power over usthere has to be some basis for that authorityaDifferent typesiTraditional based on longstanding ways of doing thingsiiCharismatic based on the exceptional personal qualities of the leadereg Jesus MLKiiiRationalLegal based on written lawsivExpert based on specialized knowledge or skillsbThese types can be combined or transferred from one type to another4Exchange Theory considering any course of action we will weigh the expected benefits and the risksaThe Norm of Reciprocity when we get something from someone else it creates an obligation to give something back in returnbWhat happens when not satisfied It creates an unmet obligation and you cant repay that5Deviance any act that will involve social sanctions which are
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