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Sociology 3601 Test 1

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SOCL 3601

Sociology 3601 Test 1Structural Functionalism macro level theory of sociology that looks at different points of society andhow they function together as a wholeConflict Theory Karl Marx found that social change was caused by competition over resources between social classes macro level society exists both over and beyond the individualMicroLevels Symbolic Interactionism George H Meadnothing gets done in society unless it is done by individual people and their ideas Create and manipulate symbols for meaning in societyoHumans can only use language to coordinateHow individuals interact with other individualsBehaviorism popular psychology theory infer thoughts by behavior stimulus and response rewards and punishmentsoSocially acceptable responsestimulus rewardedoSocially unacceptable responsestimulus punishedoWE DO THINGS TO GET REWARDSB F Skinner operant conditioning experimented with pigeons conditioned them to act in a certain way taught them to dance and rewarded when right moves were made punished them with electric shock when wrong moves were made More on Symbolic InteractionismWhat makes us humanoAbility to have SELF analyze ourselves as objectsoNot born with SELF takes time to develop many yrs of social experiences I subject when doing somethingMe objectability to look at ourselves and think about what we are doing and whyo3 stages of development of self Imitation stage watch people not a lot of out of home experiencePlay stage understand simple rolesGame stage complex roles we now understand our position in societyTaking role of other another individualTaking role of generalized other societys general expectationsThink introspectively look inside ourselves and judge ourselvesExchange TheoryInvolves some sort of exchangeExpected benefits weighed against costs and risksWe engage in activity if costs and risks are low avoid if highAcknowledge we have a brain and can make choices depending on what rewards areSocial Learning Theory Albert Bandura3 different ways in which we learnoInternalizing what we are taught by other people dont have to wait to be punished or rewardedoSystem of rewards and punishmentsoVicarious learning learning by watching other peopleDramaturgy Ervin GoffmanDescribed the world in terms of the stageoWhen we are in front of others we present a character to them we want them to believe that character like an actor on a stageMore on Goffman his favorite sociologistPresentation of self in everyday lifeoSelf an audience thinks we are
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