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SexGenderWe usually dont know how to interact with a person when we dont know their gendersexSexbiological makeup and our role in reproduction Genderexpected behaviors and dispositions that society has assigned to members of each sex learned behaviorBems 3 Lenses of GenderoBiological essentialismattributing all malefemale differences either to biology or to the natural order of things like brain differencesoAndrocentrismusing what is male as the standard and the norm for everything in society Lakoffs LanguageWomens Place shows the example of how easy it is to fall into androcentrismPeople tend to pay less attention to things women sayoGender polarization We push people to the poles because our society doesnt want anybody in the middleBerdachegroup of people that live their lives as members of the opposite sex seen as specialThere are different gender rulesoFor men dont be female be successful be aggressive be sexual be selfreliantoFor women appearance counts be sensitive and caring expect negative treatment be superwoman no single meaning of feminine Plecks Mens Power with WomenAmerican society is a patriarchy society in which men control all the major institutionsoMost men work jobs intrinsically meaningless so money and women become important factorsoWomen provide men with 4 things Emotional expressionsocial lubricationemotions women can express for men that society doesnt allow men to show themselves women are often mediators Validation of masculinity Refugesafe havenServing as an underclass if women were to gain equality this is impossible Close Relationships
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