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Midterm Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 4091

TERRORISM MIDINTROoExams are cumulativeoTHINK make the connections oBuddhistsno terrorism historicallyoLSUHiroshimaWTChow are they relatedoGeneral William T ShermanOur real founder war is helltotal warto fight to save livesMake battle swiftpowerfulApocalypse nowKurtz would be a hero in this regardoPerspectiveHiroshima70K in first year WTC 2500oTHEMESOne countries freedom fighter is anothers terroristAsymmetrical warfareThis is why terrorism continuesIt is terrorisms gravitySome countries are around only due to thisoKKKProtestantBaptistoGoals for IraqStay until mission is accomplishedis this realisticPull out as quickly as possiblePull out conditionallyoOld Bush filmsleft lip quiveroTerrorists2 schools of thoughtAll want some kind of changeDo they want toSit and talk at the tableDestroy the table entirelyReally there are 5 schoolsoTerrorism is OLDIt is also ubiquitousoNO SUCH thing as terrorist organizationIn terms of a formed or founded organization formed strictly to do terroroMISCConnections networking is what really mattersPrison terms make people more efficientoutliersgladwellWANT to look at the ones with 200 IQBOOKNFL life after footballHISTORYoAt the Obama inauguration the general stock went downstoJohnHanson1 presidentstthWashington was the 1 elected with republic 8 overallPointtook 13 years to get a democracy up and runningSo why try to do it in 5 in IraqoTerrorismsystematic use of terror or unpredictable violence against the government the public or an individual to obtain a political objectiveOklahoma citynot terrorism in the strictest definitionGreeks wrote of effective psychological warfare 450300 BC
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