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Chapter 11

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SOCL 4331

Chapter 11 Reversing the Race to the BottomPoverty and PolicyFrom Welfare to WorkOnethird of New York Citys homeless population was employedWelfare to worknational slogan1996Congress and the president agreed on a welfare reform law that gave states more latitude in their own welfare systemsPeople werent thrown onto the streetsYet poverty remainedPeople got jobs but stayed poor in lowwage nobenefit jobsThe Challenge of the Margins Antipoverty ProgramsHistoricallyAncient kings saw it as their duty to tend to the deserving poorwidows and orphansBritain1800sPoorhouses and orphanagesGovernment food distribution plansPeople generally believed that drunkenness idleness and sin were at the root of povertyBut thought that the poor who were willing to change deserved a second chanceSunday schoolsto teach academic skills to kids who had to work during the weekUnited States has the most active social programs in the worldWe generally believe that poverty is the result of personal failingsand government help to the poor is unnecessary and unwiseThe New DealThe Great DepressionThe Republican Party thought the country should be left alone to get out of povertyIt will selfhealUnemployment was 25 when FDR took officeGood hardworking people were losing their jobs and landNew Deal targets unemployed poor farmers and minoritiesTransfer payment programMoney for foodThree PartsReliefThe hungry homeless and unemployedEssentially block grants to states to spend on emergency assistanceRecoveryReformTo prevent a recurrence of economic depressionPublic works programs to employ men and youths needing workCCCCivilian Conservation Corps built trails bridges and lodgesWPAworks Project Administration built roads and public buildings schoolsAid to Families with Dependent Children AFDCIntended to help widows keep their children with themThis was accepted because it targeted the deserving poorExpanded quickly to provide aid to single parents under a wide range of circumstancesSocial Security with the Social Security Act of 1935Retirement programs so that elderly would have income in their later years and it would encourage them to retire and make room for younger unemployed workersSupplemental Security Income SSIPrograms provided income to disabled workers and their familiesPpl who are not employableInfrastructure programs
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