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socl of stratificationmobility upward lateralwhat are the opportunities for mobilityafter ww2 there was a huge mobility people were living well feudal system had less closure as it went onindia has a closed system with the caste systemus has an open societyby mid 70s there was more mobility for blacks but not muchstructural mobility expanding economy until 72 creating a rise of mobilityeconomic expansionpeople moved up upward mobilityseen in the 60s and 70scirculation mobility some move up and some move downwe see much less mobility now due to globalizationimmigration mobility when social systems allow immigrants to come in they begin at the bottom of the ladder irish and southern italiansthey moved up though new immigrants come in and move them upbrain drain immigrationpeople moving for opportunitypeter blau and Duncan status attainment perspectiveis our system open or is it a barrier rat mazes one relatively open one has a lot of dead endsmeasure the rates of mobility in society in order to see if it is open or closed people at the very top or the very bottom are not determined by occupationbut most people aremeasure rates of mobility through the systemget data from the census bureau blau and duncanthey concluded that we have a relatively open structurethey demonstrated the importance of educationthey measured occupation of father and son when son is 16then again then found education as a main means of occupation upward mobilityjeancks brought luck in as a source of variancecannot control mobilitylifetime earning of women and men women dont get as high returns from educationmore educationgenerally more money earned in lifetime
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