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Chapter 9 Moving UpEducation and MobilityGetting AheadMiamiborn African Americans see Miami as a black hole for themHaitian refugees see Miami as a city of hope and believe they are destined to move upSocial Mobility and Social ReproductionSocial Mobilitythe movement of people both upward and downward in a stratified systemMore upward mobility than downwardStudy done on only menWhites only not blacksSocial Reproductionthe tendency of people to remain in their social classes of origin and to replicate the experiences of their parentsClosed Stratification SystemAllows no social mobility and demands social reproductionHereditary slaveryCaste system in IndiaOpen Stratification Systemallows for free movement up and down the levels of stratificationAmericans have an ideal of an open society where advancement is based purely on meritFeatherman and HauserConducted a study to examine the openness of US societyCompared occupational categories of sons to their fathersFound a large degree of Social ReproductionSome movement up and down mostly upBlack menoften were in lower manuallabor positions than whites regardless of their fathers occupationCirculation Mobilitywhen some move up and others drop in the systemA closed and nongrowing economy can only offer this type of mobilityStructural Mobilityeconomic growth and expansion increase the room at the top so more people can move upGreatest structural expansion occurred following WWIIGenerations moved up because the economy needed more people in higherskilled positionsStagnant wages and concern over global competition has left skilled whitecollar employment with lower wages than previous generationsFar less structural mobility nowReproductive Mobilitylowerincome groups have more children than upperincome groupsIf a twocareer couple decides to not have more children when they retire they create two new spaces that can be filled by other peoples childrenImmigration Mobilitya social system is open to outsiders who mostly enter near the bottomImmigrants to the US typically began their lives here in poor neighborhoodsNew waves of immigration served to advance other groups that were already hereThey take the least desirable jobs which allow others to move upExceptionsEntrepreneurs physicians software programmersenter at upper levels of the systemComes from places like India and Asian countries Brain Drain Immigrationprovides skilled professionals and new investment that will create jobsBut it creates resentment when newcomers are better off than native born AmericansMostly the highly educatedStatus AttainmentStatus AttainmentHow an individual reaches a particular socioeconomic status position
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