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Chapter 8 Power and PoliticsPower is the ability to do what you want no matter who wants to stop youWeberClasseconomic powerStatussocial powerPartypolitical powerPeople Power and Powerful PeopleClass ConsciousnessKarl MarxWorkers need to develop class consciousness as a first step to progressWorkers need to develop a sense of solidarityBelieved governments favor capitalist interestsEuropeFranceSocialist PartyGreat BritainLabour PartyEngels Marxs coauthor focused on the social democratic political movement to bring workers rightsUnited StatesEugene Debsran on the socialist ticket with union support in 1904 1908 and 19121800sRepublican PartyAbraham Lincoln had strong proUnion sentimentsWanted to abolish slavery to protect free labor wages1920sprobusiness Presidents1930sworkers allied with Democratic PartyAttracted by the New Deal1960sTeamsters endorsed Richard Nixon despite him being a RepublicanAmerican ExceptionalismAmericans have an ideal of a common bondVoting is based on promoting the common good and not class interestsBlack PowerEurope is clearly divided by class but America is divided more by raceLincolnSouthern blacks gained voting rights after the Civil WarMany African Americans began to vote and hold public officeEnforced by federal troops stationed throughout the confederacyBlack delegates in the SouthAligned with the Republican PartyHayesA vote count dispute left a compromise favoring Hayes he would be president but would remove federal troops and federal authority from the SouthSouthern blacks were kept from voting byPoll taxesLiteracy testsGrandfather clausesOutright intimidationWere alienated by Republicans for the next 30 yearsRoosevelt
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