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Final Notes For Grimes

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Bourdieu vs BeckerBourdieuForms of Capital resources Our family of origin offers a certain package of resources and can give you a certain environment in which you can thrive or not1Physical Capital aConsumption this is basically the spending aspect of income This is mostly seen in the lower class With less money the family can provide restricted opportunities and exposure to cultural and social capitals In turn these must be acquired instead of givenbInvestment what we invest upper class With more money these families can provide better opportunities and more exposure the different cultural and social resources They will have a broad cultural exposure which will be more beneficial in the long runcMiddle class balances both2Cultural Capital knowledge Most Important to BourdieuaEmbodied self knowledge Institutionalized what you know your certified knowledgebObjectified objects markers of status that show your knowledge artwork3Social CapitalaStatus location of classbSocial Networks iCosmopolitan outside resources broader and more usefuliiLocal relatives neighborhood Not as valuableBeckerHuman Capital1Individual equality of access to knowledge about the opportunity structure of societyEach person knows that there is a wide
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