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Sociology Of Fam Exam 1

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SOCL 4401

Sociology of Family exam 1827 The structureagency debate in sociologyoStructureAgencyoWhat you do to affect your choiceoHow your choices are limitedSocial theorists and the structureAgency DebateoThe Social Structure1theory structural determinism2Liberal theorists generally favor this perspective 3 4Human AgencytheoryAmerican individualism conservative theorists generally favor this perspective oLiberals generally lead more toward structureoConservative theorists prefer1We have a land of equal opportunity2Sees everyone with unlimited opportunityMills Sociological Imagination and the StructureAgency DebateoDefinition The sociological imagination is a perspective on human action that attempts to understand it as the result of the intersection among the history of a society its social structure and the biography of the human actor1Biography of the actor why they made the choices they did and the influences they had on those choicesoKey questions that must be addressed to employ this perspective1What is the structure of this particular society as a wholeAs the percentage of society affected by a certain thing rises the questions as to why start to diminish 2Where does it stand in human history3What varieties of men and women now prevail in this society and in this particular period in its historyBourdieu and the StructureAgency DebateoSocial Structure fieldAgency habitus1FieldThink about a baseball game played on a field and peoples activities are coordinated by a set of rules on the fieldThe setting in which you interact the setting in which social interaction takes placeThe rules of social interaction rules of social interaction within a settingCan choose your roles and actions can be a pitcher catcher first baseman or batter etc2HabitusA set of predispositions toward actionsA set of choices Similar to habits habitual3People can act in ways that follow the rules of the game field or choose to act in ways that challenge the rules of the gameTo challenge those rules it challenges the group Rules advantage some people and disadvantages othersPractice TheoryoAn approach to culture that recognizes that individuals within a society or culture have diverse motives and intentions and different degrees of power and influenceoPower and influence are related to such things as gender age ethnicity class and other social valuesoPractice theory focuses on how varied individuals and groupsthrough their ordinary and extraordinary actions and practicesmanage to influence create and transform the world in which they liveoPractice theory recognizes a reciprocal relation between social structure and culture and its their components such as individualsoThe system shapes how individuals experience and respond to external events but individuals also play an active role in how society functions and changesoPractice theory recognizes both the constraints on individuals and groups and the flexibility and changeability of cultures and social systemsSLIDE The StructureAgency Debate in Sociology summary TQDefinitions of SociologyoThe social science that attempts to understand social forcesthe forces ourside us that shape our lives interests personalities and actions oSociology explores the determinants of individual and collective behavior that are not given in our psychic or biological makeup but fashioned in the broader arena of social interactionoSociology is the scientific study of social behavior It focuses on social relationships how those relationships influence peoples behavior and how societies the sum total of those relationships develop and change Sociology vs PsychologyoSociology1Level of analysis is more macrooPsychology1Level of analysis is more micro2Psychology the scientific study of the behavior of individuals and their mental processesoSocial Psychology
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