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SOCL 4421
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Sociology 4421WeberClass Status and PartyClass Agrees with Marx class can be based on ownership of capitolEither own capital or notArgues that market position is important for life chancesSalary of proletariats is based on demand for their skillsDifferent amount of capital owned by bourgeoisModern term of human capital refers to amount of training in skillsWeber argues that economic position will not determine political viewsStatus Weber argues that status is based more on consumption than productionThe way someone spends their money has more to do with how much moneyThe person makes making class and status sufficiently independentParty Marx argues that each class will form its own partyWeber argues that parties can be based on class but can also be generated bySocial Groups women religion etc or they may not represent anythingParties may organize simply so that their members can gain more powerTherefore organization itself can be representative of power not necessarilyRepresentative of commonalityIron Oligarchy or Realist Politics any party will move toward centralizationAll parties grow similar to each oth
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