Weber II

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SOCL 4421

Weber IIIClass Status and Party1ClassDefines class mainly as Marx and Smith relations to the forces of production which is the ownership or non ownership of capitalMarket position who owns controls manages the big companiesoScarcity and demand for the skills that you have determines thisoIf you have skills that are rare and in demand it will drive up your wageoIn this respect your training and background that you bring to the market with will have a big impact on your life chancesoThis in now called human capital training and education that you bring to the labor marketoDefines class in terms of life chances which are marketable skillsoThus in terms of human not physical capital or training and educationArgues against Marx and his followers in that he is against idea that your economic position will determine your political preferences and political action 1StatusConsumption more than production because it is to do with prestige and honor which is reflected in your lifestyleReally derives from aristocratic principlesInvolves opposition to market principlesEthnic and caste distinctions may be special cases of status distinctions we they are often crucial in explaining political alignment and action 1PartyHas a very radical idea that party may not really mean any
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