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Unit2TheorizingAboutHealthDiseaseJanuary302014What makes medical sociology distinct from other health science discipline such as public health epidemiology or behavioral medicineMore focus on the individual Sociological research methods are not unique because they are used by many disciplines sociological theoryWhat is sociologyThe systematic study of social behavior and human groupsHistorical sources of sociologyEnlightenment individuals rightsIndustrial Revolution Separation of family and workUrbanization social changes and problemsSociologys levels of analysisMicro level eg intimate interactions between individualsMeso Level eg Workplace policies of climateMacro Level eg economic changesLevels in Human lifeCommunity systems place organizational systems personal networks the individual selfbody molecular systems genes proteinsWhat are sociological theories Statements of how why particular facts about the social world are related They range short descriptions of a single social process to broad paradigms for analysis and interpretation They are usually empirically testableParadigms Lenses to look at the world through A basic image of society that guides thinking and researchThree main paradigms in sociologyStructural functionalist society shapes the individualConflict Theory class conflictSymbolic interactionism why do we use meaningsStructural functionalism sees society as a complex whose parts work together to promote solidarity and stabilityStructures social structure any relatively stable pattern of social behaviorFunctions social functions consequences of any social structureEmile Durkheim 18581917Key early figure of functionalist thought
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