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Test 2

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SOCL 4461
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Test 2 NotesRobbery the taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat of force andor by putting the victim in fearburglary is a property crime that requires no personal forceExamplea carjacking is better described as a robbery rather than auto theftThe sentences are very high for robberydecades not yearsWhy is robbery so seriousIt is interpersonalfacetofaceWeapons are sometimes involvedIntimidationthreatsPossible deathUsually done by a strangerUnexpectedTheftArmed robberyInvolves a weapon 59 of all robberies are armed robberyLess injury because the perpetrators are usually older more experienced and more cautious about using violenceStrongarm robberyNo weapon is involved41 of all robberiesInjury is more likely because people are more likely to resist and the perpetrator is usually young and lessexperiencedData for ALL robberies13 of all robbery victims are injured in some wayIn 10 of all robberies the injury requires some type of hospital visitation but in and out with minor injuriesIn 2 of all robberies the injury is more serious and requires a stay ofday or more after admittedThere are 15 deaths for every 1000 robberies3 for every 2000 robberiesSummary of datathe likelihood of any kind of injury is high but the likelihood of serious injury or death is relatively lowThere are approx 400000 reported robberies in a given year120140100000robbery is a rare event compared to the crime rates of other crimesmostly found in urban areasrate is much higher in urban areas than rural areasrobbery peaks between 8 pm and 2 amclearance rate theof offenses that are cleared by arrest25 of robberiesThe average dollar amount lost in a robbery is 1321This figure is high because bank robberies are includedAverage lost in a bank robbery is 4200Average taken in a mugging is probably 2030Robbery is the prototypical high risklow yield type of crimeDemographicsProfile of the offenderAge 1524oUsually under 20 1519oPeak age is 1790 are maleMost are from the underclassso low that socioeconomically the fall outside of the class systemCome from inner city slumsghettosSingleUnemployedAlmost all will have never finished high schoolAs a whole they do not specialize in robbery usually involved in many types of different street crimesoTheir careers progress in a typical wayStart stealing stuffshopliftingGet involved in violenceEventually will mix the two togethertheft and violenceDemographicsProfile of the victimAge 1524Men more likelyPoorWhy is this the profile Rationally you would think that a better choice of victim would be an older female who is affluentLifestyle adaptations and the structure of a situationoPeople of those demographics are more likely to put themselves in situations where robbery is more likely to occuroRobbery is a predatory crime The offenders territory is usually poor and since the victims are usually from that territory as well they are also poorDynamics of robbery proscons
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