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925Criminology Notes 2Exam 2 Anomie and Relative deprivationMertonoFocuses on the impact of stratificationoThree definitions of stratificationStratification is the uneven distribution of the material conditions for existence and the means by which these are produced The uneven distribution of the currency of exchangeInequality of wealth oEgalitarianismShould have equal access to successoMerton says that on the other hand besides egalitarianism were for stratification and it causes a strain strain theory and it can cause crimeSuccess Means StrainAnomie A Relative Crimegoals In questioning of Deprivationtools to be America we successful the norms of A felt all strive for Tools society dissatisfaction success Education Question the in comparison Income rulesweakening physical with relative occupation location of societies others Merton says good role norms in you Comparing we have models When you begin yourself to strong wants to question the access to others for money norms then successbeing Means breaking the better than deficiencyrules become means to beour parents easier successful are not evenly distributed These boxes are a structure theoryyou change the structure you allow crime Imperial regulatory Merton oUrban areas city have higher crime rates than rural areasIn the city its harder to keep up with success goals because of the cost of living There is more pressureMeans deficiencylimited amount of resources and a lot of people trying to get them and that creates a strain Theres no huge means deficiency in the country but in the city you have to fight for everything oMen have higher crime rates than womenMen are under a lot of pressure to be the breadwinner of a family It is at the core of their identity Pressure into success goals As women become more like men in the workforce their crime rates should be like men This doesnt relate to crimeThe gender distribution in crime hasnt changed much Merton Questions 7 oWhat is the aim of MertonExplain the group differences in criminal behaviorWhy one group experiences greater pressure for crime than the other oWhat are the two structural conditions that are crime producingSuccess goals and Means deficiencyYou have to have boththen you get high rates of crimeoWhats anomieQuestioning of the normsrulesViolating the rules becomes subjectively expectableunder conditions that are not an even playing field
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