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Research In Criminology

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 4461

Research in CriminologyFBI Part I CrimesVIOLENT CRIMESCriminal Homicide the killing of one human being by another oSomeone has to die oThe victim has to die at the hands of another human being oThe victim has to be a human being depending on the juristic diction there are different definitions of what a human being is ex A fetus some places it is considered a human being and in some places it is notoIf the fetus is considered a human then we have feticide laws If someone kills someone with a baby and the feticide law applies then the person can be charges with 2 counts of murderst1 degree murder pre meditation and malice aforethoughtmens rea criminal intent meaning the person or offender knew that their actions would lead to the death of their victim nd2 degree murder not preplanned only include malice aforethought the intent was their but there was no evidence that there was malicious intent rdNon negligent man slaughter voluntary manslaughter 3 degree murder malice aforethought but some seriousprovocation that diminished criminal responsibility the court agreesthat any given person would have acted the same way EX Wife walks in on husband having an affair that she picks up the gun and sh
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