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Test questions on the FINAL for Fall 2013Everything highlighted in blue was definitely a question on the finalI forgot some of them but I found one of these before I took the test and it really helped outThese arent my notes but notes that a girl from my class uploaded a couple days before the test she said she had an a in the classThe test wasnt that bad its probably because I had some help from the previous person who did thisDefinitely make sure you study the notes because he might change the testBut this should definitely helpThere were no short answer questions and he cancelled the classes where we were supposed to learn Section 3 materialGOOD LUCK September 3 2013Deviance violation of normsCrime subset of norms coded as laws and are punishable by formal sanctionsCriminologyoEdward Sutherland defined it asThe study of law making law breaking and the social reaction to law breakingLaw making social context of enactment or removal of certain lawsFor example opposition to some drugs is actually aimed at the userLaw breaking documentation of different types of crime and asks the questions why describe and explainSocial responseSociety has a formalized way of dealing with crime called the Criminal Justice SystemoThe scientific study of the causes of crimeoTry to establish relationships between variablesoCrime is explained by variability and correlations between two variablesTheory the explanation of two or more variables and their relationshipoHas to have the notion of falsificationoHas to have empirical regularityUCRUniform Crime ReportoSummary fileoFrom the FBI so it is officialoMajor source of crime dataoOldest source available 1930sNCVSNational Crime Victimization SurveyoUnofficial source of crime dataoStudies victimsSample biasoYour sample does not accurately reflect your target Think who am I missingBackground on UCRoIn 1924 J Hoover starts campaign to make FBI responsible for national statistics gathering on crimeo6 years later it was approved and runningthrough scandalous tacticsHoover had an ability to use info and had the Bureau at his disposaloThe UCR are crimes known to the policeKnow which crimes are Index and which are nonindex crimes2 QuestionsIndex crimes 8 crimes that tell us whats going on with crime in the USViolent Crimes1Homicide murder2Rape sexual assault3Aggravated Assault more serious form of assault4Robbery a violent crime the taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat of force andor by putting the victim in fearProperty Crimes5Burglary the unlawful entry of a structure with the intent of coming a felony inside6Larcony Theft shoplifting you stole something7Auto Theft stealing a car8Arson lighting of fires to destroy something they dont put it on the UCR chart because its so badly measuredThe police reporting to the UCR is voluntary about 95 coverage in the US83011Economic Boom from 19922000In the last 3 years maybe 4 weve had more people murdered in the US than have ever died in the ArabIsraeli conflict and in the Iraq warAlmost 1000000 rapes a year13 million crimes against personsviolent crimes in 2009Highest crime is larceny theft almost 60000005100000 people murdered in each city on averageCrime rates are always higher in a city than in rural areasBaton Rouges murder rate per year is about 35100000 peopleNew Orleans ha the highest murder rate in the country and Baton Rouge has the second highestTheyre probably in the top 10 in the worldThe state with the highest murder rate is LouisianaAfter Katrina the crime rates have gone through the roof because of the disorganizationCrime is cultural
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