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SOCL 4461-Test 1

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SOCL 4461
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1Deviance is going against the rules whether it be legal or not 2Criminologythe study of law making law breaking and the social reaction to law breakingoThe study of law making Why certain laws became into beingWhat were the social conditions that allowed this change in the lawNormative consensuswhere everyone agrees on what the law should beNorms is a fancy name for rulesMost laws however are not made on the normative consensusThe side that wins is not the one who is right but the one who is strongest and the one who mobilizes the most resources oLaw breakingDocumentation of different types of crimeWhere is there more murderWho is more vulnerable to crimeDoes America have a high crime rateExplaining the documentationTheory oResponse to law breakingSociety has a formal response to deal with lawbreaking called the criminal justice system police parole judges etc oWe want to find relationships between variablesTo test them use a simple correlation oBroad social factorsRelationship between economic conditions and crime oTheory is how 2 or more variables are relatedTheory is how to guide your game planYou dont try to prove a theory you try to falsify it oEmpirical regularitySomething you observe over and over again 3How do we get informationoOfficialit comes from an official law enforcement agencyUniform crime reports UCRFrom the FBILongest running crime report out thereJ Edgar Hoover was in charge of the FBI and thought it would be good for the FBI to gather nation stats on crimeAll the police make the reports and those are gathered by the FBI o8 Index Serious Crimes or Part I Offenses4 Violent Crimescrimes against persons 14 millionHomicideRobberytakingattempting to take something of value by forcethreat of force and or putting the victim in fear 445000 per year1Car jacking applies here due to fear factorRape 100000 per yearAggravated assaultunlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury 886000 per year o4 Property Crimes 10 million much more commonBurglaryunlawful entering of a structure with the intent to commit a crime or larceny therein 22 millionLarceny Theftsimple theftunlawful taking of property of the possession of another 65 millionAuto TheftArsineo18 million arrest due to drug abuse violations most arrest of any crimedrugsSecond was DUI 14 million arrestsOther assaultsnot aggravated 13 millionLarceny theft11 millionDisorderly conduct 700000Liquor law violations 633000underage drinking and selling to minorsPublic drunkenness 600000430000Burglary 300000Vandalism 290000Fraud 250000Big because we switched from currency based to a credit based society Also due to public sector of the economy which is the largest part has increased so now there is insurance fraud and things like that1We wanted more police insurance TOPS and all the govt servicesWeapons violation 20000 oRapethe number of events over the population at risk of experiencing the eventYou always multiply by 100000 because the number is so small16000300000000000005100000 5 per 100000 oClearance ratethe percentage of offenses that have been cleared by an arrest It is the major measure of police efficiency of arrestof crimesoUsually for the violent crimes the rate is higher because
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