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Trends And Patterns In Crime

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SOCL 4461
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Trends and Patterns in CrimeInternational CrimeInternational crime rates are difficult to compare becauseVarying definitions are varying legal codesoCrime is differentiated in different cultures oCrimes are defined different in other countries than in the United states Recording practicesoBicycle theft is considered vehicle theft in different countries than in the United StatesOperating practicesoIn US the officer who receives the crime is the one who records the crimeoIn other countries the crime is only reordered if the person has actually been to jail and convicted Factual InequalitiesoAge differences between countries oCultural ideologies ie rape a violent crime in US in other countries they may see that rape is dishonor on their family or that the man is rightoServices available for preventionIn the US the past 10 years homicide rate has been 4560 hom
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