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Louisiana State University
SOCL 4471

Pardons BoardFranciss sideoBertrand DeBlancoAP TureaudNAACP advocateoJoseph A ThorntonTureauds Negro associateStateoProsecution District Attorney PecotoRespondent Sheriff Resweber Argued against pardon because the chair was in proper working order but an electrical defect prevented any current from reaching Williethat no harm was caused by the execution attempt and so the Cruel and unusual Punishment argument bore no meritst1 witnessWarden Dennis BazerPresented a letter detailing a similar case in Texas in which a chair malfunctioned and the convicted was given a 7 day stay of execution and then executednd2 witness SD Yonguecoroner of St Martin ParishRecounted the multiple switch pulls hood falling off Willies face and the words he spoke until they ultimately stopped the chairExamined Willie after noting no serious injuries no sign of burns or scent of burnt fleshrd3 witness Captain Ephie Fosterexecutioner Said that he thought that a wire was loose making the electricity go into the ground instead of Willie his expert opinion and that Willie was never electrocutedth4 witness Vincent Veneziaassistant to the chief electrician Venezia corroborated with Foster agreeing that no electricity passed through Willie a wire was loose and that he did not notice anyone tamper with the equipmentAlso said that Willie told him that he never felt shockedoVenezia was not in the room during the botched execution5th witness Sherriff ResweberRecounted the arrests and the trip to TexasExplained how Willie shot ThomasAbout how he brought him to the jewelry store but the owner didnt recognize him a sign he never sold the watch he was accused of stealing from Thomas after killing himth6 witness Sherriff Gilbert Ozenne Was asked about Willies attitude which was of no remorse or much emotionoWere rumors of talk about Willie being not sound of conscience or mindoWere studies pointing to people wrongfully confessing to crimes they did not commit when mentally unstableAlso he stated he thought something happened as the 300lb chair was movingOzenne then went on to misquote writing found on Willies jail cell wall calling it a confessionTureaud crossexamines asking questions of whether Ozenne thinks Willie got electrocuted and if he thought other accomplices were involved in Thomass deathth7 witnessPecotSpeculated for August Fusilier oSaid that the man reported the gun stolen before the murder which was only speculationQuestioned then by TureaudoBrought up the fact that no one testified on Willies behalf at first trialoNo material evidence
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