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Study Guide For Exam 2 (got 93% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 4471

DurkheimsContractsSolemn Ritualthrough the declaration of words through ritualistic or ceremonial traditions promiseoWords are bindingrdoSociety is extremely religious God is 3 partyoExamples marriage in a church elected official taking office testifying as a witnessConsensual modern Contractcombines real contract and solemn ritualoInvolved inheritance but treats people as if they are on a level playing groundrdoUse of words 3 party is the government oCannot be coerced into contract Just Contractwhen things that are just and exploitable are exchanged at market price oInheritance creates uneven playing field Solutiongive it away get rid of itProperty and labor are separateoExamples sick leaves health benefits etcWebersFormsofPoliticalDominationTRADITIONALLEGALRATIONALCHARISMATICPrinciples used to justify Continuity of sacred Legally enacted rules Emotional obediencetraditiondefine right of attachment to superiors to hold leader based on officetheir giftsHereditary leadership Characteristic political Subs are personally Bureaucracy Sacrifice and and administrative dependent on rulercommitment to structurescollective Personoffice are missionNo separation separatedbetween person and Discipleship no officeHierarchy based on rules fluid meritstructureImpersonal powerChronic tensions No check on poweriron cage where Movement will efficiency and collapse after
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