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Test 3 Socl 4471 (98% on the test)

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SOCL 4471
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Test 3People called on the court Foster Coroner Younge Vincent Venessia Sheffif Ozene Sherrif Resweber Warden Brazer the ElectricianYounge Foster and Venezia testified that no electricity went through the bodyKnow the others too rdSherriff Ozene talks about a 3 confession written on Willies prison cell wall He was wrong about what Willie actually said Ignace Doucet he saw Willies body go tense and in his opinionthis boy really got a shock when they turned on that machine Threaud and Thorton did not think Willie was adequitly represented in trial by counsel Powell V Alabama 1932 8 black youths in a train going across AL A fight broke out and the sheriff department was notified and they picked up the men and these two women in the train car with these guys announced that they were gang raped The youths were accused of this and went to trial really fast When the trialbegan the state was ready to present its case and the judge looked up and there was no defense attorney present The judge coerced and attorney to represent the guys They were all convicted and sentenced to death Their appeal made it to the supreme court They said this was not adequate council Now all states required to provide adequate council thStill using the 14 amendment at this time Due Process Clause assign effective council in capitol offences Monday 11110 Franklin Roosevelt has had the opportunity to nominate 17 justices for the courtJustice Black Liberal judicial activismJustice Reed Swing vote sometimes he votes with liberals and sometimes w conservativesJustice Frankfurter Conservative judicial restraint Justice Douglas Liberal judicial activismJustice Murphy Liberal judicial activismJustice Jackson Conservative judicial restraintJustice Rutledge Liberal judicial activism
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