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Test 2 (got the best grade in class)

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TEST 2929Max Weber18641920Prolific writer wrote about law a lotCommon theme is RationalityIncreasing rationalization of western societyWebers definition of law An order shall be called law when it is guaranteed by the likelihood that coercion aiming at brining about conduct in conformity with the order or avenging its violations will be exercised by a staff of people especially holding themselves ready for this purposeThis implies If you dont obey we can make you obey coercionLaw is an expression of political dominationauthority When talking about domination we are talking either about power or authority they are not the same Political Domination Power and AuthorityPower The Probability that one actor within a social relationship will be in a position to carry out his own will despite resistance regardless of the basis on which this probability rests Control over people and the ability to get people to do what you want using force and coercionAuthority a kind of power leaders command is taken by followers and acted on as if follower as if the follower valued the action Make people want to obeyWeber sees law as political domination an expression of political authorityLegitamation claims top down from on high from the super ordinates obey me because given by authority rationalize why they are able to ruleLegitimacy claims bottom up from the masses the subordinates the peoples acceptance that those with authority have the right to command we bestow legitimacy to leadersrulers3 Different Forms of Legitimate Political Domination 1 Tradition its our custom to obey certain people oldest form of authority like patriarchs the head of the familyspread to the lords monarchy Traditional rulers law is what they say it is to an extent they can be removed by competitors or by peopleTraditional rulers have at their command armies and can flex their power at any timeLoyalty of the subjects is to the ruler also seen under feudalism2 Charismatic AuthorityLoyalty devotion and leadership is to the person similar to traditional ONLY in that senseHas no structure or organization discipleshipThe rule is what the ruler says it isDont stick around long short lived because the charismatic leader will die rule cant be inherited or passed on it will transform into traditional or legalrational authority otherwise it will collapsedoesnt follow the statusquoRulers have to prove themselves to subjects once gift disappears followers are gone rulers cant afford to fail
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