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SOCL 4471

4471Exam1Notes09102013Exam 1 NotesMARX18181883 Time period in which these ideas were originating1840sMarx writes The German IdeologyIf people arent able to meet their basic needs then there is no need to focus on the futureEach society needs to develop a certain mode of productionMode of production a specific kind of economic systemMarx and Angle identified the earliest mode of production as a primitive communism the hunting and gathering societiesTribes shared the use of land as a community men were hunters women were gatherersWas a rudimentary division of laborthis was how primitive societies managed to satiate themselvesSlavery Marx and Angle state that this was one of the first instance of private property ownershipPeople began to own land slave labor as chattel and began to produce consistent goods and servicesFeudalism as it existed in Europe in the Feudal Ages was an agrarian economyPeople serfs worked the land and paid taxesWorked to serve the needs of the estateCapitalism as it existed during Marxs timeIndustrial capitalism manufacturing occurring in factoriesMass production of commodities regardless of whether commodities answer a need or notPrivate ownership capitalism isnt possible without private ownership provide means of productionCommodity production for profitLabor power under capitalism becomes a commodity people perform labor in exchange for moneyCompetition between workers employees and employers and between businessesLaissezfaire ideology Hands off approach government leaves economy and market aloneMarx felt that capitalism would collapse and predicted that communism would take its placeMarx felt socialism was a transitional stage between capitalism and communismBase Super Structure p69men enterpolitical consciousnessHow Marx views societyThere is always one prevailing mode of production within a societyThe economic relationship of those involved in producing goods and services in a slave society will be different than the relationship of those involved in a feudalist societySee model society is built like a piece of architectureFor Mark the foundationinfrastructure was the economic mode of productionFrom this base all other things growThe superstructure grows from this baseConsist of law religion ideasDurkheims visions of society viewed all the institutions within society as organs within a living bodySo base economic system superstructureThe economic base1the material forces of productionHow do we produce the means of our existence
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