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Sociology Of Ageing (Got A+ on the test)

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SOCL 4531
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SociologyofAgeing13 1 Physical geneticcellular2 Social activitiesagestratification activeDisengagement 3 Psychological mental functiondevelopment wasteaway disengagement231 Modernization Theory societal developments can haveandeffects on outcomes32s total aggregate Experience3 Demography Theory Life Course Theorypopulation characteristics how measured how changes 2000s1890s 35 million 1390490 at age 654Definition of Demography from textalls5Lifespan max human yrs Life Expectancy average of given yearadditional or less to 78 Age Dependency Ration of 65 over1565 workingpopulation they take care of Sex Ratio malesfemales100 Birth Rate bothtotalFem1545 Death Rate deathstotal pop Migration Rate net inoutnet Youth Dependency Ratio 65under 1515656Age Life Course paradigm of personal experience immigration to revolution b 7 History of ageing a ColonialRevolution to Civil War 17761864manumitc Reconstruction civil war 1865 to 1900 women head of households 1894 Railroad Retirement actd Industrialization 19011940Great Depression 1935 Social Security Act FDR amendedeWWII 19421965 Corps Pension 1961 White House Council on Ageingf Modernization Older American Act by US Dept of Hlth E W HEW SSIAntidiscriminationAARP Council Elderly Health G Post Modernization litigation8PhysicalBiological Theories PBTh a Genetic PBTh structural bImmune PBTh females 56 yrs longer life C Cellular PBTh functional cells erode leave residueoxidation d Physiological PBTHfreeradicals crosslinks ability to control SYSTEMS e Pathology PBTh illness lower expectancy9Physical Consequencesa decline in capacity to function both structure and Processingb energy ptA to pt B csleep 68 hrs d Stature shorter spine e Appearance wrinklesgrey f sensory visionhearing10Human Development Theory follows course through stages in continuum IQ infantchildadolescent ect Stage Theory AZ11Process Theory How we age 12Personality Theory PreferencesDisposition Self conceptvalues
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