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SOCL 2001 Quiz: Extra Credit October 31.docx

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SOCL 2001
Alan Castle
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Extra Credit October 31, 2014
I found that the groups did not differ in their descriptions. They all basically said
their height, color of the skin, hair color and eye color. Some said they would use their
outfit to describe themselves. When I gave an example of how I would describe myself, I
included that I was white. So when I was interviewing people, they followed suit and
included their ethnicity. I expected most people to say their height and their hair color.
Someone told me that they had very messy hair and someone else told me they had long,
wavy hair. That is to be expected, but they did not include their hair color, which I think
is a major and obvious way to describe yourself. I believe that my personal expectations
were met. Some were hesitant to answer the question, I would have been too. A total
stranger is coming up to you to ask you to describe yourself and then take a picture. After
the realized it was not a big deal, they warmed up and began to open up about
themselves. I thought it was a great exercise. It shows that it does not matter from what
walk of life you are from. It shows you that everyone has similar ideas of how to identify
themselves, but they are not all identical.
“I’m about 5’8, I’m Asian “I am very dark skinned, my “I’m 5’2, I
and I have black hair.” hair is vey messy, and I am wavy, long hair,
about 5’4.” my skin
and I
jeans on.”
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