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SOCIOLOGY 2511FINAL NOTESSocial Construction of RaceWhat is raceIn the US a lot of the times the basis of distinguishing among people is based on physical characteristicsMembership comes with certain characteristicsAssumption once you are in a group your stuck EX One drop ruleIn south you are automatically considered blackDifferences among groups says one group is superior to others and the people judging have power over the less thansoDomination of a superior groupThe term race has not always been used in the same contextin US race has always been used to institutionalized slavery in the Southwho can be a slave or notThe term evolves over time but is indirectly related to slaveryAssumptions on what race isColorNationalitiesWhole appearanceCulturesbiologyLabelZoological divisionGroup of humans based on physical characteristicsMyth EXAMPLE White men cant jumpEuropean men in the NBAproves it is just a mythIs there a difference between race and ethnicity Ethnicity does not change whereas race is always evolvingEXAMPLE If you look on a standardized test it will ask you what your race is and will have choices like Caucasian African American Native American and OTHERFebruary 6Racial and Ethnic Composition in the USRace refers to the color of a persons skin whereas ethnicity refers to culture language traditions etcoA person can be white Hispanic and black Hispanic because Hispanic is their ethnicity and whiteblack is their raceSince 2005 we have had more Hispanics than Blacks which will not go backdue to immigration and fertility 30 Hispanic and about 12 7 BlacksIn 1950total population of whites was 90 and blacks were 1061900whites88 blacks12oMost immigrants who came to the US were white1850157 of US population was black1800Almost 20 of US population was black1960American Indians were identified separately apart from the Census 1870Japanese were identified separately to see immigration results18701924Immigration laws changed as immigration shifted from Europeans to Asians to South Europeans and North Europeanso1924Ellis Island closed and immigration was stopped until the 1960sNew immigration laws said that we would allow immigrants based on the proportion that their ethnicity accounted for 1860soFor example We would only allow a certain number of Japanese immigrants based on how many Japanese people were already accounted for in the USoPretty much a nice way of saying we dont want you here AntiChinese Immigration LawsWith biracial couples with children the Census decided what race the child wasoMost of the children were considered white because most interracial marriages were white men and a black womanoIn the 80s it changed to the race of the mother because most marriages were a black man and a white womanoIf a child had a white mother she would be considered white statistically but if her skin was dark people would probably consider her African AmericanFebruary 13Race and PoliticsWhites are more perceptible than blacks to blame the problems on individualism69 of whites believe blacks could be just as well off as whites if they tried harder46 of blacks said no will power and lack of motivation contributes to their problems59 of whites agreed81 of blacks think police routinely discriminate against them51 of whites do not believe blacks are discriminated against by policemanSince 1960s the Democratic Party has been perceived that the Federal government should play a large role in getting rid of racial discriminationstill think there are consequences blacks face in politicsoLingering affects of past discrimination
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