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SOCL 101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Collective Effervescence, Solitary Confinement, Cultural Capital

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SOCL 101
Carrie Coward-Bucher
Study Guide

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Family and Marriage
1. Family Forms and Changes
a. Preindustrial: small business (home=work), all contribute, children heavily
disciplined, coverture, kinship networks (arranged marriages)
b. Post Industrial: free choice of marriage (companions), men work outside and
women work inside (cult of domesticity), fear of teen marriage crumbling family,
men as protectors (benevolent sexism)
c. Post WWII: mobile families, growth and change in kinship networks, women
have fewer children, courtship, children need nurturing and are raised through
2. Endogamy: marrying within one’s own racial/ethnic/religious group
3. Exogamy: marrying outside one’s own racial/ethnic/religious group
4. Loving Vs. Virginia: made all state laws banning interracial marriage (miscegenation)
5. Monogamy: strictly having one partner
6. Polygamy: one individual having more than one partner
7. Polyandry: having more than one husband
8. Polygyny: having more than one wife
9. Nuclear Family: a family with a father, mother, and children
10. Extended Family: family other than one’s immediate family
11. Cohabitation: living in an intimate setting with no legal or religious sanction
12. Kinship Networks: strings of relationships between people related by blood and co-
13. Cult of Domesticity: women belong in the kitchen fulfilling their role as homemakers
14. Coverture: wife is husband’s property
15. Family and Work: both mothers and fathers work, but mothers do more work at home
16. Second Shift: women who work end up doing most of the household chores
17. Functions of the Family (Parsons):
a. Primary socialization: good for children
b. Stabilization of adult personalities: good for adults
18. Family Violence: young children are most likely to experience violence (isolated)
19. Divorce: legal separation of spouses
20. Marriage Go Round: extremely high divorce rates
21. U Bend: happiness dips shortly after marriage, then again after kids become teens
22. Miscegenation: interracial marriage
23. Education: process through which academic, social, and cultural ideas and tools
(general and specific) are developed
24. Socialization in Schools: formation of cohesive society
25. Hidden Curriculum: non academic and less overt socialization functions of school
26. The Coleman Report: about equality of educational opportunity- black children learn
better in an integrated environment
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