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THEO 232 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bethsaida, Form Criticism, Synoptic Gospels

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THEO 232
Study Guide

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The Gospel of Mark
70-75 AD
Important Figures
Blind man at Bethsaida
Peter: affirming Jesus’ identity, then denial
John the Baptist
Synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke
Stories, sequences, wording
Seen together
Synoptic Question
How do these gospels agree AND disagree?
Four Sources
Markan Priority: Mark written first, then Matthew and Luke copied
“Q”: Quelle (source) provided info to Matthew and Luke
“M”: Matthew’s special source, info found only in Matthew
“L”: Luke’s special source, info found only in Luke
Four Source Hypothesis
Source Criticism
Concerned with written documents used by New Testament authors
Asking 3 questions
Did the document have a source?
What did the source say?
What is the relationship of the author to the source?
Relationship among 3 synoptic gospels
Literary (written): who influenced whom
Works at micro and macro level
Triple Tradition (Mk, Mt, Lk): narratives
Double Tradition (Mt, Lk): stories, sayings
Why TRIPLE tradition?
Extent of material (Matthew and Luke are longer, both added info)
Sequencing of material
Divergence in sequence, but Mark is always in agreement (BASIS)
Only difference is actually a mistake (Plucking Grain, name of the priest)
Stylistic: Matthew and Luke had better Greek
Both cleaned up Mark’s Greek, present to past
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