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Marist College
medical technology
Catherine Newkirk

September 23, 2013-Fibrinolysis 1. Whole Blood Lysing Time- take tube allows clotting, put in 37 degree water bath, if dissolves in 24 hours or less than it’s increased fibrinolysis. 2. Lysis Of Fibrinogen- a. 2 tubes with patients plasma in both of them b. Add amicar (epsilon-amino-caproic acid) to one tube- has anti-fibrinolytic activity c. Incubate both tubes at 37 degrees d. Measure fibrinogen in both tubes e. Tube with amicar has no fibrinolytic activity and other tube does f. If decreased10% or more you have increased fibrinolysis 3. Euglobulin Lysis Time- a. Euglobulins= plasminogen, plasminogen activators and fibrinogen b. Take citrated plasma from patient c. Dilute 1:20 with distilled water d. Acidify it with weak acetic acid e. Allow to stand and euglobulins will precipitate out f. Supernatant= fibrinolytic inhibitors (so we’re getting rid of these) g. Take precipitate and dissolve in saline h. Add thrombin to get fibrin clot i. Activate plasminogen to plasmin to make fibrin clot breakdown and because we have no inhibitors it will take place much faster j. Normal range for most people= 6-8 hours—anything less than or equal to 2 hours= increased fibrinolysis 4. FDP-
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