PSY 201 Study Guide - Final Guide: Groupthink, Teratology, Type A And Type B Personality Theory

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2 May 2016
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John Hathaway
Exam 3 Review Guide
1.) Dr. Mathews has been following and collecting data on the same group of students over the
past 10 years to see if they exhibit any differences in learning capabilities based on their regional
area. Dr. Lawrence was interested in researching the same issue, but she instead chose to select
a few students in each grade from differing regions and compare their differences. Dr. Mathews
was using a ________longitudinal_________ design and Dr. Lawrence was using a
_________cross-sectional____________ design.
2.) The issue of _____nature________ or _____nurture_______ investigates how development is
influenced by both genetics and life experiences.
3.) ______Teratogen________ are drugs, chemicals, or even infections that can cause abnormal
fetal development.
4.) Baby ducks will form a strong attachment to the first being they see after they hatch even if this
being is not the mother. This phenomenon is known as ________imprinting________.
5.) Which of the following is the correct order of stages in Piaget’s theory of cognitive
a. Formal operational, concrete operational, preoperational, sensory motor
b. Sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational
c. Preoperational, concrete operational, formal operational, sensorimotor
d. Sensorimotor, preoperational, formal operational, concrete operational
6.) A child able to understand that just because an object changes shape or is divided into pieces,
the object still retains certain characteristics such as mass and volume, but does not fully
understand that if they fail a test then it will lower their overall grade is probably in the
_________concrete operational____________ stage according to Piaget.
7.) Anna has a golden retriever that she has just introduced to her younger cousin Alex. After
becoming familiar with the golden retriever and learning that this friendly creature is called a
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dog, Alex later meets their grandmother’s poodle. He must adjust his schema or
______assimilation_______ to be able to understand that both the golden retriever and poodle
are both dogs.
8.) Later Alex sees a horse and must learn that this, in fact, is not a dog but an entirely new species.
Alex had to _______accommodation________ this new information.
9.) Lilli is a one year old who loves to play peek-a-boo with her aunt, but Lilli believes that when her
aunt covers her face she truly disappears from existence! This phenomenon is known as
______object______ ______permanence________.
10.) In high school Jack’s parents let him stay out with no curfew, stay over with friends that were
not a very good influence, and didn’t reprimand him when they caught him drinking. They
instead rewarded him with a new car for his birthday and continuously gave him gifts. Jack’s
parents may be described as ________permissive___________.
11.) Leah’s parents were very strict on her and set very high expectations for her academically and
athletically. They did not show much affection outside of these achievements. Leah’s parents
could be described as _________authoritarian___________.
12.) In general which of the following is the least related with happiness?
a. Flow b. living on the West Coast c. political affiliation d. education
13.) Jessica has seen posters all around campus about Tim running for student body president and
has two classes with him, but she has only seen a few posters for his opponent John. According
to the _________mere exposure___________ effect, Jessica is more likely to vote for Tim.
14.) Arrange Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in order from lowest to highest.
a. _________physiological needs____________ b. _________safety needs__________
c._________belonging needs_____________
d._________esteem needs______________ e. ________self actualization___________
15.) There are _____7______ primary emotions identified cross-culturally
16.) Corticosteroids are stress hormones that _____activates_____ the body and prepare it to
_____react______ to _____stressful_______ circumstances.
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17.) The ________James-Lange__________ theory of emotion assumes that are emotions such as fear
stem from interpretations of bodily senses, whereas the __________Cannon-Bard___________ theory
of emotion proposes that the body reacts and emotions occur _________simultaneously____________.
18.) ______Alarm________, _______resistance________, and ______exhaustion ________ are the
three stages of adaption according to the pattern of responding to stress known as General Adaption
19.) Major life events are not as much of a predictor of physical health, depression, and anxiety as
_______hassles_______ are.
20.) Name two personality traits associated with Type A personality: ______anger______
21.) Landon was overwhelmed by all of the homework that he had before exams which made him very
stressed, but he decided to make a to-do list and focus on one item at a time. This is an example of
_____pattern______- _____foard______ coping.
22.) All of the following are stressors that can lead to disruptions in the immune system except:
a. Caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s disease b. Unemployment
c. living near a damaged nuclear reactor d. public speaking
23.) The Social _______Readjustment________ Rating Scale measures stressors based on the idea that
stressors are _______stimuli________.
24.) According to drive reduction theory, who is likely to be the most motivated?
a. Hillary, who needs an “A” in psychology to graduate b. Joanna, who is hungry
c. Addison, who is thirsty d. Tony, who wants to kiss Addison
25.) Allison is a good tennis player, and when she invited her boyfriend to watch her match last week
she played exceptionally better. This enhanced performance is likely due to ______social________
26.) The Solomon and Asch line experiment was successful because people are likely to
________conform_________ to their peers.
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