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MKT 419
Paul Hunter

Study Guide for MidTermFinal Exams MKT 419IMS 419IMSDigital Branding is a rapidly evolving area of marketingAs a result there are many POV and material to digestWhile it is expected that the student read all material assigned to them this document is intended to aid the student with material and topics one should focus on for examination purposes Overall90 of what will be on the examPut into order based on time the following key periodsDirect marketing 1950sWWW creation 1991Tim BernersLeePermissionbased marketing late 1990sWiFi 1999based on WiFi Alliance formationMarketing with meaningrelevancebased marketing mid2000sRise of social networks 2007Social networks eclipse email as primary communication channel 2009The blurring of online and offline consumer experiences is also known as whatOmni channel Despite technology changes what 4 things remainand most likely always willin the marketing paradigm see TMDM slideTarget MessageDeliver measureWould you consider marketing technology to be stable or still evolvingWeek 1 2013 Digital TrendsWhat 2 things are marketing organizations struggling with the mostsee page 17talentanalysis they arent savvy Digital Marketing Busgo over to make sure this is enoughBriefly explain what is happening within organizations between IT and Marketing departmentsThere is a blurring between the two marketers are having to become more tech savvy What would you say about a marketers ability and confidence to navigate and engage individual customers through digitalMost marketers are not confident What is a marketer under intense pressure to do with respect to their IT investmentTo show the measurement ROI and if it is worth it1Page36 Rules of Social MediaList your 3 favorite rules from this infographicHave an ROI Have an ROI Have an ROIPinterest works PeriodBecome BFFs with your Facebook Rep Week 2 EdelmanPeriphery to the Core As media becomes more digitized how does this affect media buyingMakes it more dynamically optimized search engines like googleWhat is the best structural asset a marketer can haveCustomers a devoted customer baseWhat do marketers fear most in moving to digitalWhy do you think this isLack of previous experience its newHow to spend it and how much to spend itGilbreathNext Evolution of MarketingWho is the brainchild of permissionbased marketingSeth Goden check spellingProvide an example of marketing with meaning from the article and briefly explain itBurger King Dove and Nike are some examplesexplain why it is marketing with meaning To create meaningful marketing what do you have to understand about customersThe pyramid what are their aspirations What are the three tiers of the marketing with meaning modelExplain each tierSolution creation and achievement check thisSocial ListeningWhat are the 4 criteria to consider in a social listening platformDataSortingAnalysis Reporting Name 2 out of dozens social listening platforms a marketer could purchase not free onesRadian 6Face PulsarOf the 10 major applications of social listening list 3 and briefly explainPostevent reviewCustomer serviceCompetitor analysis ForecastingSBDPart 1Explain the various constituencies both internal and external to an organization which can benefit from social media marketingCustomersThe workersBusiness partners List and explain social business tenets 152Page
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