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ANP 201

ANP201 Review for Exam 2 Fall 2012 (Tetreault) Exam 2 will take place in class on Thursday, October 25. Please bring a #2 pencil to the exam. Format: The test is worth 60 points and includes multiple choice, matching, and true/false questions. The exam will cover Medical Anthropology, Ethnicity & Race, Gender, Kinship, & Marriage including the following readings as well as the films 1) “Bad Sugar”, an episode of PBS special Unnatural Causes; 2) “Race: the power of an illusion (Episode 1: the difference between us)”; and 3) clips on Hijras and Sworn Virgins from Taboo Season 1: “Sexuality” Episode. The first two films are available for viewing on-site during business hours in the Anthropology Department (Baker 355). Taboo is available online—check YouTube. Readings Covered: Kottak: Chapters 6, 9, 10, & 11. Applying Anthropology: Chapters 20, 26, 29, 30, 31, & 45 For review, you are expected to know, define, and answer questions about: Disease vs. Illness: Disease is scientifically definition & illness is the experience of that disease Health care systems: Know what Anthropologists mean by health care systems Disease theory systems: personalistic, naturalistic, emotionalistic Personlistic: Caused by agents- witches, evil eye Naturalistic: Disease doesn't play favorites Emotionalistic: You get ill by emotional unbalances Medical Anthropology (definition) Clines (clinal vs. populational model for human biological difference) Clines: a way to describe phenotype differences that vary across geographic space Ethnicity vs. “Race” No biological line of "race" Ethnicity is more; heritage, language, religion, history, where your from Phenotype vs Genotype Hypodescent Achieved vs. Ascribed status Sex & Gender Dichotomy Intersex Gender role Gender stratification “Third” Genders (ex. “Two-spirits”) Hijras & Sworn Virgins Hijras: third gender of India-not being able to reproduce as neither man nor woman Sworn Virgins: Women who take on the males role in Albania-biologically women who socially take on a males role The Etoro (see Kottak) Roberta Close (see Kottak) Patriarchy Matriarchy Kinship Who you believe your related to Descent group Lineage; a grou
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