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Exam 2 Review.docx

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Biological Science
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BS 181H

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Exam 2 ReviewPhotosynthesiswont expect to know photosynthesis too specifically Bulk of exam on glycolysis and Krebs and chemical reactionsDetails of endo exocytosisEnergy and metabolismEnergy diagramWhat catalysts do how they work inhibitionSpelling countsStructures charges molecules enzymes what goes in and out each step etc for CACETCdont know individual molecules every one in the membrane but the big ones Know the process and gradient which powers ATP synthaseWhat comes out of what in each reaction ATP CO2 H2O net ATP NADH FADH2Photosynthesisoccurs in chloroplast know what foes in and outCalvin cycle in Stroma light reactions in thylakoid membrane co2 in O2 outLight produces NADH goes to Calvin cycleCyclic cycle vs non cyclic cycleRacker and StoeckeniusMembrane pump powered by light one in light one in dark One in light created proton gradient and able to produce ATP Proved that light produces ATP Dark was unable to produce ATPPut proton
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