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COM 275

COM 275 Exam 1 Review 2/7/2013 11:45:00 AM Lasswell‟s model:  WHO  SAY‟S WHAT  TO WHOM  IN WHAT CHANNEL  WITH WHAT EFFECT Experiments are designed to assess non-casual relationships. False  Designed to asses casual relationships ***pay special importance to lists.  Any list with four or more options has a strong likelihood of appearing in the exam.  Make acronyms for lists!!! Models  A model is a graphic means of explicating an abstract process such as communication  Three types of models o Linear-based on principles of stimulus-response psychology o Interactive-circular model in which communication is shown to be interactive & interpretive o Transactional- describes the giving and receiving of information through communication  Acronym= Lit Laswell‟s Model  Who  Says what  In which channel  To Whom  With what effect? Methods of Media Research Statistical methods (Descriptive & Inferential) Common methods  Longitudinal analysis  Field experiment  Content analysis  Survey  Experiment  Meta-Analysis  Triangulation What Defines Mass communication? Large-scale distribution and reception process characterized by:  One-directional information flow  Impersonal source and anonymous receiver  Asymmetrical source-receiver association (organized powerful source)  Market exchange relationship  Standardized message content Acronym= MOSAIC Birth of a Field  Trends leading to change in modern society o Industrialization o Urbanization o Modernization Acronym= IUM ***Mass Society/ Magic Bullet theory Perspective of much early research- Magic Bullet Theory o People are socially isolated o Have uniform instincts o Not influenced by social ties Mass Society o 1920‟s o Social differentiation increases o Informal social controls weaken o Communication becomes more difficult o Media become important information o Acronym- MuSIC ***War of the worlds  People believed it was actually happening when it wasn‟t Payne Fund Studies ***Studies do not really show uniform effects 1 major research Standard vs Revised History Standard history: o Magic bullet > limited effects > moderate effects > powerful effects Revised history o Effects have always been mixed o Studies types of effects, not strength Pioneers  Carl Hovland- media effects on attitude change, why we fight  Paul Lazarsfeld- “opinion leaders” and Two-step flow model of media effects  Harold Lasswell- five questions and 3 important media functions  Kurt Lewin- Dynamics of group communication, S
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