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Criminal Justice
CJ 110

REVIEW 1 • The consensus Model assumes cooperation between all components of the system towards a common goal. true • An Indictment is a formal written accusation submitted to the court by a grand jury alleging that an individual has committed a specific offense • Who is credited with creating the crime-control model?? Herbert Packer • Aproceeding before a judicial officer in which it must be shown that there is Probably Cause to believe the defendant committed a crime. Preliminary Hearing • This type of sentence consists of two or more sentences that have been ordered to be served at the same time. Concurrent • The systems model of criminal justice is an accurate representation of how the system works. False • Public-order advocates believe the interests of society take precedence over individual rights. True • Civil Justice deals with fairness in relationships between citizens, government agencies, and business in private matters. • At what stage of the CJ process is a plea entered? Arraignment • Which CJ model emphasizes individual rights? Due Process • Justice is defined as the principle of fairness or the ideal of moral equity. • This CJ model emphasizes the efficient arrest and conviction of criminal offenders. Crime Control • This term refers to the necessary level of belief that allows the police to make an arrest. Probable Cause • Which agency compiles the Uniform Crime Reports? FBI • The clearance rate of crime refers to the proportion of reported crimes that have been solved. • Which crime is reported with a frequency similar to its actual rate of occurrence? Auto Theft • Forcible Rape Is the most under-reported violent crime • NIBRS will replace the Uniform Crime Reporting method. True • Which crime has the highest clearance rate? Murder • Embarrassment about the crime is the most cited reason for not reporting forcible rape. True • Force or the threat of force is an element of robbery. True • The is based on victims reports rather than police reports. National Crime Victimization Survey • Arson is the attempted burning or burning of property with or without the intent to defraud. • This type of crime is non-violent, committed for financial gain by someone having special or inside knowledge of the targeted business. White-collar Crime. • Stare Decisis. The principle of courts and judges recognizing past decisions as a guide for future deliberations is know as what? • Guilty Act. Actus Reus Means? • Criminal Law This type of law assumes that wrongful acts injure not just individuals, but society as a whole. • False. Case Law consists of unwritten legal precedents created from English social customs, rules, and practices. • Procedural. This type of law regulates the processing of an offender by the CJ system. • Involuntary Intoxication.This defense is used when someone is tricked into consuming an intoxicating substance. • Entrapment. The term used if police engage in activity that would cause a person to commit a crime. • Sixth.Which ConstitutionalAmendment guara
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