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Criminal Justice
CJ 210

Final Review CHAPTER 456 Exam 3: • Biometric analysis ◦ Retinal scans ◦ Typing rhythm ◦ Fingerprints ◦ Speech waveform • SNAP does not includeABIS • Iris recognition is based on stable patterns within the colored portion of the human eye • Arnold Melnikoff provided false testimony on hair and fiber evidence in numerous cases. The main problem with his analysis of this evidence involved the statistical techniques that were utilized th • Melenzez-Diaz v/. Massachusetts is about the defendants 6 amendment right to confront adverse witness • Muddy handprint= patent print • required number points of comparison for the identification=no required, each state is different • Latent prints are composed of the sweat and oils of the body thats are transferred onto an object • Width of stroke is not a characteristic used to compare handwriting • Questioned document examiners do NOT create personality profiles for the suspects based on handwriting • SEM-EDAis convenient because it allows the visualization • Rifle gunshot entrance much smaller then exit wounds because it creates a temporary cavity in the body • Stellate effect= pistol tight contact • Impression evidence is not always patent or visible • The crystal structure of metal atoms is disrupted when the surface us stamped with an alphanumeric die • Kumho tire co. v. Carmichael is was ruled that expert testimony can only by given by those with applicable scientific degrees FALSE • The landmark case that established general acceptance rule for evidence admissibility in 1923 was Frye v. US • Rose Larner case did not have tiretrack impressions • David Harding was convicted of fabricating Fingerprint evidence Exam1: • Locard - every contact leaves a trace • When collecting evidence at a crime scene, transient evidence should be collected first to avoid potential loss of information • Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws • Datum=fixed reference point • How long evidence persists once it transfers depends on what the evidence is, location of evidence, and time from transfer to collection • Confirmatory test for a drug after it has been extracted is Infrared Spectroscopy • Which absorption spectrum is equivalent to a fingerprint of a substance=IR • best suited of birefringent minerals and fibers is polarizing microscope • David Childs= blond hair similar to wig hair • SWGDRUG= category C identifies the class of the drug • Schedule one drugs have no accepted use in the medical community • Marijuana IS the cannabis Sativa plant • MDA, Psilocybin, Mescaline, and PCP are all hallucinogens • Duquenois-Levine solutions were used on a sample an
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