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Criminal Justice
CJ 210

3/20 Exam Review • Peremptory challenges allow the prosecution to remove a juror without giving a reason. TRUE • Astate court misdemeanor case will start in which court? DISTRICT • What refers to when a defendant is released based on a written guarantee to appear in court? RELEASE ON RECOGNIZANCE • Courts that have authority to review decisions by lower courts have? APPELLATE JURISDICTION • Supreme court case which held that a new evidence of innocence is no reason to order a new trial. HERRARAV COLLINS • Bail serves to ensure the appearance of the accused at trial and to? PREVENT UNNECESSARY IMPROSONMENT • Cross examination is part of the Grand Jury process. FALSE • _________ jury selection uses techniques from the social sciences to gauge the likelihood that potential jurors will vote for the conviction or acquittal. SCIENTIFIC JURY SELECTION • The majority of defendants in the US are assigned a court appointed attorney. TRUE • The dual court system consists of? STATEAND FEDERALCOURTS • Which court in the federal system holds the felony trials? DISTRICT COURT • What type of plea is most similar to a g
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