HST 202 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Abigail Adams, American Masters, Smallpox

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21 Feb 2013

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Marketer projection: a marketer projection is a type of map which distorts size. Since the world is a sphere, it is impossible to accurately represent it on a flat piece of paper. Arabization was the spread of culture and education through arab people (those from middle eastern countries speaking arabic), mostly scholars, from north africa to west africa. They brought the religion of islam, language, and much more culture across trans-saharan trade routes (across the north african desert) by travelling on camels. One of the ideas they brought was arab ethnocentrism, meaning that they believed a person"s looks could define where they came from and also many of their qualities/abilities. Muslim armies spread as far as the arabian and iberian peninsulas. Mali, and later the songhai empire, was affected and became west. In mali, timbuktu was the main port city and center of culture.

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