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Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 406

HNF 406SOCIOCULTURAL ASPECTS OF FOODFINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE 2014The Influence of AgriculturalEnvironmental Factors on Food NutritionHealthList the factors that have an impact on the demand for food and describe at least two of these factors in detail Population and population growthUrbanizationoIncome water and disease poor food storage facilitiesFood losseswastespoilageoPrice of foodoBiotechnologyHigh animal protein dietsoNeed grains for feedTime and moneyoLess time in kitchenoConvenienceConsumer preferencesoTime and convenienceoShift from quantity to quality neotraditionalismoGrazingName at least 5 factors that affect food choices based on a consumer point of view Fewer out of stock situations More product variety new technologies packagingenvironmental regulationsMore choices of stores to select from Wide range of quality and price offers fewer seasonal constraints More similarity of choice in different countries Customer loyalty efforts Frequent shopper programs stamps coupons rebates sampled and tasting delivery etc Food production can be enhanced or decreased in a number of ways 5 to be exact o Which factors have negative effects on food production and which have positive effects Availability of productive landProductivity methodsExploitation of the seasFood preservation and decreased food losseso We discussed several some in a little more detail than others Be prepared to be able to make a choice of the one you can recall the most amount of information onThere were 7 factors listed under productivity methods that you need know in general Describe 1 in detail discussing advantages and disadvantages 1 Fertilizers and Pesticides Mixed benefitsoCrop yield and quality but may contaminate water plats eg Green Revolution in IndiaoWater quality lakes rivers aquifers from chemicals to parks lawn crop dusting excessive fertilizersoAdvantages of Pesticides and Fertilizers Quality of food Lower food prices
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