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Human Nutrition and Foods
HNF 406

Study Guide for Exam 2 Lecture 6Globalization of Foods Name 5 foods that you know of that were introduced to American cuisine by different cultures and where did they come from historically 1 Coffeefrom Ethiopia cultivated by Arabs2 Ricecultivated in China eventually brought to the Carolinas in 1700s3 ApplesEnglish brought to the US4 Orangesoriginating in Southeast AsiaChina brought to Americas in the mid1500s5 Olivesfrom northern tropical Africa and then spread to the middle eastHow have developed and developing countries changed their food preference roles ie which foods are valued more than others and why eg white bread vs brown bread baby formula canned food soft drinks Lecture 7 8 9Guest SpeakersWhat does Polysemic mean Remember this from the lectures in the beginning of the semester and that is applies especially in this section of the class material as we look at different cultures Means different things to different people meanings derived from rules and beliefs Define Culture Values beliefs attitudes and practices accepted by members of a group These are learned influenced by geography and other factors and change over time Discuss aspects of food that are influenced by culture and considerations that need to be taken into account when dealing with patients of different cultural backgrounds LanguageFoods of cultureReligionValues regarding timeFamily dynamicso Review presentations from guest speakers and classmatesRemember some of the interesting questions asked during guest speaker presentations Puerto RicoLatinos add spice bacalao special dish with porkPolandGMOs a concern in Europe first impression of US very processes Catholics but few practice typically family meals some vegetariansThailandPut milk and sugar in tea condensed milk Mostly Buddhist but still eat meat to stay fullSwazilandLamb is important red meat traditional dish is bobotie ground beef with curry and cumin and cinnamon and egg What determines when people eat in country of guest speakerIn what ways did the guest speakers dispel any myths you might have had about food choices of a particular cultureWhich were key foods in the different cultures we heard from What determined this For example what was the difference between Thailand and South African cuisine in terms of types of foods eatenName 5 foods that you know of that were introduced to American cuisine by different cultures PaczkiPoland Pad thaiThailandRice and beanslatin America and especially the type of rice that Leo shared with usWhat similarities and or differences do you remember about the cultural groups discussedBe able to describe in detail the food habits of at least one ethnic group Give the background and reasons for particular food practicesName a festival special event centered around a particular way of eating for the cultural groups discussed Braaibarbecue with meat spiral red meat and pap
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