ISB 202- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 58 pages long!)

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ISB 202 Full Course Notes
ISB 202 Full Course Notes
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Major ecosystem types: terrestrial portions (biomes, deserts, rainforest, mangroves (partially aquatic, prairies, marine life zones (aquatic life zones, lakes, streams, coral reefs. Major components of ecosystems: abiotic: nonliving, water, air, biotic, plants, animals, microorganisms. Major living parts of ecosystems: producers: the makers. make their own food from things in environment, green platns, bacteria on land, consumers: the takers. 3 things that sustain life on earth: one way flow of energy from sun, cycling of matter/nutrients, gravity. How does sun sustain life on earth: energy for photosynthesis, lights up and warms planet, drive climate. The sun: sun: gigantic fireball of h2 and he, core causes nuclear fusion, gives off electromagnetic radiation. How much energy from sun is used: earth gets one billionth of suns energy, but a lot is reflected or aborbed by atmosphere, remaining sun energy, visible light, absorbed by ozone layer.

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