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ISS 335

ISS 335 (Sec. 001) Fall 2013 Study Terms for Exam 1 Rothenberg 7-32; 54-68; 80-100; 102-114; 479-488 • achievement ideology (elements of) • essentialist/ constructionist o Essentialist- real and essential differences and absolute differences between people in these categories (straight v gay, male v female) o Constructionalist- people assign meaning to the categories, they can change overtime and it is socially defined • Jim Crow Civil War (1861-1865) until World War II (1941-1945) – peak of segregation • Slavery was outlawed after the Civil War – blacks given the right to vote, run for office, own property etc. • Government protected the rights of the black • “Ethics of Living Jim Crow”  Richard Right’s mother a cook  Throwing cinder at white boys and broken milk bottles back  Richard Right’s mother yelled at him for throwing at the white boys and beat him “Don’t fight with white boys”  He had to leave his job because he wanted to actually learn the trade of optical lenses, a skilled trade  Outside of his new job he saw a white family beating a black woman didn’t pay her bills and gets arrested for being “drunk”  Police are actually oppressors - against blacks  Black bellboy at his new job at a hotel was castrated for sleeping with a prostitute  Not okay for black men to have relations with white women • Supreme Court rulings • Plessy vs Ferguson- upheld the doctrine of separate but equal • Dred Scott vs Sandford (1857) – Supreme Court ruled that blacks were an inferior race and had no rights has citizens • Brown vs Board- • culture of poverty/underclass (review reading and Lewis) o Underclass  Culture of poverty  chronically unemployed, underemployed  acute or persistent poverty  dangerous  Others focus on harmful behavior, such as crime or patterns of deviant behavior o Undeserving Poor- poor is not a reflection of their ability to succeed o Deserving poor- lack work ethic and motivation • gender • Gender is a social construction • Society says that it is based on birth (genitalia), but infact society creates them • Gender is both achievied and scribed • Most accept norms due to risk of deviations • Western societies – male and female  Transgender- those who identity falls outside of conventional gender norms  Transsexual  Transvestite • Other societies – men, women, berdache  Berdache-I biological males treated socially as women • Ascribed- assigned at birth and pre-determined but taught • Achieved- demonstrated • CH Cooley- the self is a product of society – we perceive ourselves is based on we fit the social expectations that are reinforced ny society. Therefore, how others view us influences our self-esetteem. • masculinity • Masculinity is seen as the flight from the feminine • Pushes away his real mother • Suppresses those traits in himself and tries to be the opposite • Devalues women to show these two • Masculinity as a homosocial enactment comes from scrutiny of other men • Masculinity as a homophobia we hope other men will never see our inadequacy – we are afraid of other men Four Components of Masculinity 1. Be a big wheel – power & wealth 2. Be a sturdy oak – don’t show emotion 3. No sissy stuff (cheap test) 4. Give em hell • C. P. Ellis o Inter-racial contact between people of equal status in cooperative circumstances will lead to reduction of prejuidice o C.P. Ellis joined KKK to feel accomplished eventually was utilized to neutralize the blacks by the councilmen through the charrette (community forum) • Racialization- extending racial meanings to a previously unclarified category • disability and inequality • Orapetomania- diseases that causes slaves to run away • Miscegenation- race mixing  Up until 1967 in 17 states there were laws preventing different races from having children it was seen as a monstrous act • Eugenics movement- breeding of humans, scientific racis
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