ISS 335 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cultural Homogenization, Offshoring

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26 Feb 2020
Mid Term Exam Preparation Study Guide
What is Globalization? What are the four main characteristics of globalization? Please
elaborate on each characteristic and provide an example.
What is globalization 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0? Elaborate on how globalization and technology
empower and enable individuals to share and create work opportunities across the globe.
What are benefits and risks of globalization?
Is globalization new? Provide a brief historical perspective on globalization.
What are some challenges facing this new generation of immigrant children? How are
they charting their new path?
What did Gidden’s say about tradition in an era of globalization?
What is outsourcing? Provide example of outsourcing. What is home-sourcing? What is
off-shoring? What is re-shoring?
What are the side effects of being constantly connected yet alone? What did Friedman
say about “when we have dog’s hearing”?
What are some examples of automation? Are white-collar jobs at risk? Will automation
completely replace humans in the future? Why and why not?
What is James Watson’s conception of culture? How is it different from previous
understandings of culture? Why is the distinction of form and content important? Give
some examples.
What are some effects of globalization in Asia?
Does globalization only occur in one direction? If not, provide some examples of both.
How has the Americanization of mental illness influence how mental illnesses are
perceived and treated around the world?
What is cultural homogenization? What did Watson and Friedman think of the effect of
globalization in terms of homogenizing the world cultures? Do they agree with this
thesis? What is their evidence?
How have globalization and the flat world enable social entrepreneurs in their work?
What opportunities does technology bring to the power of the individual in achieving
his/her dreams in pursuing different jobs?
What are some dichotomies and paradoxes of globalization?
Discuss how globalization influences countries such as India and China in terms of
creating more inequality in people’s lives.
How has globalization influenced migrant workers’ lives in China? How has it influenced
the lives of residents of Annawadi?
Why do people immigrate to another country? What are the main theories explaining
What are some unique characteristics in Asian, Latin American, and Caribbean
immigrants to the U.S.? What are the main groups of immigrants within each?
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