KIN 121 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Transtheoretical Model, Cardiovascular Disease

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26 Feb 2020
KIN 121 Study Guide- Midterm
Chapter 1
1. Understanding the dimensions of wellness and WHO’s definition of health
2. Know common barriers to health and wellness goals
3. Know the factors that contribute to health and longevity
4. Understand the role and purpose of the Healthy People initiative
5. What is life expectancy? Where does the U.S. fall compared to other developed nations?
6. What are the top lifestyle contributors to premature death in the US and what are the leading
causes of death?
7. Understand what societal norms are.
Chapter 2
8. Processes of change and strategies to guide individuals through the stages of the
transtheoretical model.
9. The role and definition of psychosocial aspects of health behavior, including behavior change
and self-efficacy
10. Know and understand the stages of the transtheroretical model
11. Understand the factors of relapse
12. Smart Goals
Chapter 3
13. Understand what encompasses each health-related component of fitness and the tests that can
be used to measure these components
14. Definitions and understanding for the MOST important concepts should be known- physical
fitness, physical activity health, and body composition.
15. Be able to fully explain the three part workout.
16. Why physical activity is considered one of the best preventative measures for a number of
health issues, including cardiovascular disease. What are the benefits?
Chapter 4
17. Understand RPE and PMR
18. Know details about the daily life goal for steps and benefits of aerobic exercise
19. Be familiar with PA guidelines, how they came about and what they mean
20. Understand and be able to use the Karvonen equation
21. Understand and describe principals of fitness development, FITT principal
22. Cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance
Chapter 5
23. Understand what flexibility is and the factors that affect it
24. Understand what “contraindicated” exercises are and examples of each in the different health-
related components of fitness
25. Understand the five principles of flexibility development
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