KIN 216 Midterm: KIN 216 study guide

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26 Feb 2020
Chapters 14 and 16 CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM Study Guide/Practice
1. The CNS is composed of the…
a. Brain
b. Periphery
c. Spinal cord
d. Both A and C
2. True or False: Cephalic means to the tail, while caudal means towards the
3. Which secondary brain vesicle becomes the cerebrum in the adult brain?
a. Mesencephalon
b. Metencephalon
c. Telencephalon
d. Diencephalan
4. Which is one of the primary brain vesicle?
a. Myelencephalon
b. Prosencephalon
c. Metencephalon
d. Diencephalon
5. Mesencephalon is to ___________ , as metencephalon is to
a. Midbrain, pons
b. Pons, thalamus
c. Medulla oblongata; pons
d. midbrain, medulla oblongata
6. True or False: The basal ganglia are groups of neuron cell bodies.
7. True or False: The cerebrum consists of the left and right hemispheres
that are separated by the coronal fissure.
8. The frontal lobe is characterized by…
a. Initiating voluntary movement
b. Understanding speech
c. Deep lobe that cannot be seen on the surface
d. Memory of audio/visual perceptions
9. True or False: The parietal lobe is posterior to the central sulcus.
10. _________ is to central sulcus, as __________ is to lateral sulcus.
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